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Our kennel name is "Penmist" this we have had since 1978.
We used to live in sight of Pendle Hill in Lancashire and you may have heard of the book "Mist Over Pendle" about the Pendle Witches it is from this that we came up with the name "Penmist".

In 1974 whilst holidaying in Kent we decided to approach an English Setter breeder to see if she had any puppy's, at that time she had none available but thought we might like to look at a young English Setter dog called Springfield., who was looking for a home. At that time as we were not particularly intending exhibiting so we decided to give him a home and so started 30 years of English Setters.

Springfield - begging for a treat

During this time we have also had other breeds first Bichons and then Lowchens, we also homed a Springer Spaniel bitch whose owner was moving abroad.
Besides exhibiting our own dogs Cynthia has handled Cavaliers, Springer Spaniels and Staffordshire Bull Terriers for other owners.
We have bred 3 litters of English Setters and one litter of Bichons each time primarily breeding to keep stock for ourselves, we also had a misalliance between a Bichon and a Lowchen which resulted in one puppy who looked very much like today's Havanese.
At present we have two elderly English Setters (Blubell died 16th June 2005, Robin and Gordon) from our last litter and two Lowchens, one male (Sammy) and one female (Leonnie) whom we hope to breed from this year, unfortunatly Leonnie did not produce any puppies but we hope to try again with our new Lowchen puppy Rossi. (2007)
We still hope to exhibit the Lowchens but family ill health is limiting this at the moment.
During this time we have also taken in and rescued quite a few cats and kittens which all the dogs have accepted, we now have just two Alice a very elderly cat and Kitty a younger one abandoned near our home, which is close to an R.S.P.C.A shelter.

Although we are always willing to give help and information we would suggest that you contact the English Setter Association or the Lowchen Club respectively in the first instance.
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