Movalion Black Pepper
1981 - 1997
(Sonjay Silver Sonnet x Prawls Bright Beauty)

Our first Lowchen was Pepper bought from Mrs Val Blore whom we knew as at that time we were exhibiting both Setters and Bichons. We had first seen Lowchens when we bought our first Bichon Frise from Mrs Pym Scales who had both breeds but at that time we had not considered owning one. When Val mentioned she had some Lowchen puppys for sale we went to look and decided to buy one to show along side the Bichons. Our setters were at the end of their show careers and we decided to concentrate on toy dogs, Pepper started out in his show career quite well and enjoyed himself and behaved impecably but at home he wanted to be top dog and would attack both the setters and bichons and we realised that something would have to be done. At first we parted with a young male bichon we had bred as they had become protagonists but this did not stop his aggressive behaviour so we were advised to have him castrated and this eventually helped though he managed to mate one of our bichon bitches and they produced a delightfull puppy who was much admired and lived to a good age. Pepper could no longer be shown but we did not want to part with him and le lived to his 17th year.. Although he was not good with our other dogs he always adored our cats and liked to groom them and when away from the house he happily met othe peoples dogs.During this time I still took an interest in the breed and when Pepper died it did not take too longer to consider a replacement. I had stopped showing bichons as I found the trimming of the hair made me sneeze and I took the opportunity to show C K C S for a lady who came to the shows with us

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